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BP Caspian Shallow Water Pipeline Inspection Survey

Contracted by XOCEAN to provide a Senior Data Processor/Reports Coordinator for the BP Caspian Shallow Water Pipeline Inspection Survey project. As part of the company’s Integrity Management Program, there is a requirement to obtain sonar data in order to ensure that the integrity of the pipelines is not compromised by external sources and the safe transportation of energy product continues.

This is a large-scale project with 937 kilometres of offshore pipelines to survey. The sonar data covers each pipeline and the adjacent seabed in order to identify the condition of the pipeline within the seabed environment, with specific focus on any observable changes since the previous inspection survey. This may be a result of pipeline damage, seabed or pipeline movement, changes in seabed features, seabed erosion or foreign object impact or abrasion activities that could affect pipeline integrity.

XOCEAN’s XO-2 ASV is being utilised for the project, with an integrated Applanix POS MV and dual R2Sonic 2024 multibeam echosounder systems. QINSy is being utilised for data acquisition, with post-processing performed using Qimera and Eiva NaviModel.

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