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Sonsub Survey ConocoPhillips Viking Transportation System Pipeline Replacement Project

Innovator26Sub-contracted through NetSurvey to provide Sonsub Survey with specialist multibeam personnel onboard the MV Grampian Surveyor for the ConocoPhillips Viking Transportation System Pipeline Replacement project. The project involves the installation of a 27km piggybacked pipeline between the Viking BP and LOGGS PR platforms, located in the Southern North Sea. The shallow water depths (ranging from 10m to 34m) allowed the pre-lay survey of the pipeline installation corridor to be conducted using a vessel mounted Reson 8125. As-laid surveys of the pipeline were performed using an ROV mounted dual Reson 8125 multibeam system. The EIVA software suite was used for initial data acquisition and processing, with Fledermaus used for cleaning, surface generation, and visualization.

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