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Nord Stream German Shore Approach and Dry Section Survey Project

Contracted by MMT AB to provide specialist multibeam personnel in the Lubmin field office for the Nord Stream German Shore Approach and Dry Section Survey project. As part of the general inspection programme to be performed during the life of the pipelines, this survey encompassed the coastal and surf zones, together with topographic surveys within the dry section. With a total capacity in the order of 55 billion cubic metres a year, the two 48 inch pipelines from Russia to Germany constitute one of the biggest offshore gas transmission pipeline systems in the world. MV Ping was utilised in the shallow water zone, with a hull-mounted dual Reson 7125 multibeam system. Thereafter a singlebeam system on MV Plasticbeam was used in the surf zone, with wader and topographic surveys performed up the beach and into the compound.

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