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Saipem Asia BP Azerbaijan DWG North and South Manifold ROV Multibeam Seabed Surveys

TritonXLX35Sub-contracted through NetSurvey to provide Saipem Asia with specialist multibeam personnel onboard the MV Seabed Supporter for the BP Azerbaijan DWG North and South Manifold ROV Multibeam Seabed Survey projects. The scope of work consisted of detailed high-resolution bathymetry surveys, required to identify any seabed features, such as obstacles or debris, prior to the installation of a Subsea Accumulator Module and subsequent development activities. A work-class Triton XLX ROV was fitted with a Reson 7125-ROV2 multibeam system, together with a Doppler Velocity Log for integration into the vessel’s USBL system. Working water depths were in excess of 250m, with a requirement for 20cm resolution DTMs, delivered together with snippets backscatter mosaics. The QINSy software package was used for initial data acquisition and processing, with the Fledermaus suite used for cleaning, surface generation, and visualization. ArcGIS was utilised for generating final deliverables, which had to be compliant with BP’s SSDM GIS Geodatabase.

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