4D Ocean Hurst Point ASV Survey

Assisting @dmallace of 4D Ocean with an ASV survey at Hurst Point to combine with the UAV survey data acquired two weeks previously. As part of a Channel Coastal Observatory project, the results will be used to monitor erosion of the shingle spit.

4D Ocean’s ASV Harry is a SeaRobotics 2.5m unmanned surface vehicle used for conducting hydrographic surveys. With an integrated Applanix POS MV and R2Sonic 2020 multibeam echosounder, the autonomous vessel can operate within a 5km wi-fi range. A 6-8 hour endurance at survey speeds of 3-3.5 knots is possible, with remote SV casts conducted using the integrated winch. Transported by road trailer, the deployment cart allows access to remote or inaccessible locations.

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