Boskalis Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Project

Sub-contracted through MMT AB to provide Reach Subsea with a Senior Data Processor onboard the MV Olympic Delta for the Boskalis Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm project. Located just 2.4km off the Aberdeenshire coastline, the project involves the installation of 11 Wind Turbine Generators, with a maximum blade tip height of 200m above LAT. The project base case design is planned to generate a maximum total active power generation capacity of up to 100MW. The  Reach Subsea workscope involves supporting foundation installation operations, with high-resolution (10cm) bathymetry surveys conducted using a ROV-mounted R2Sonic dual 2024 system to monitor progress. The EIVA software suite is being used for data acquisition and processing, with the ROVINS positioning data post-processed using iXSea’s Delph INS software to improve accuracy. NaviModel is being used for cleaning, surface generation, data visualization and product generation.

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