DONG Energy Race Bank Wind Farm ROV Inspection and EOD Project


Contracted by MMT AB to provide specialist multibeam personnel onboard the MV Stril Explorer for the DONG Energy Race Bank Wind Farm ROV Inspection and Explosive Ordnance Disposal project. Located in the Greater Wash area, approximately 27km off the east coast, Race Bank is expected to be fully commissioned in 2018. Consisting of 91 turbines, the offshore wind farm will have a capacity of up to 580 megawatts, providing enough power for 400,000 homes. Previous surveys across the proposed site and export cable routes highlighted a number of acoustic and ferromagnetic targets that require further investigation. Very high-resolution bathymetry surveys are being conducted of the target sites using an ROV mounted R2Sonic dual 2024 system, operating at 700kHz in Quad mode. Magnetic anomalies are pinpointed using a Teledyne TSS440 system prior to excavation. The QINSy software suite is being used for initial data acquisition, with Caris HIPS and EIVA NaviModel used for data processing.

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