NetSurvey Off Skerries TSS Survey


Contracted by NetSurvey to provide specialist mutlibeam personnel onboard MV Seabeam for the MCA Off Skerries TSS Survey. On the north west coast of Anglesey, this large survey project is part of the ongoing Civil Hydrography Programme. The 916 square kilometre area is particularly challenging to survey due to it’s exposed nature and extreme tidal current regime. With depths ranging from the drying line to in excess of 140m, combined with areas of complex seabed topography, multiple passes are required in order to satisfy the IHO Order 1a requirement. MV Seabeam has recently been equipped with a unique Kongsberg EM2040 dual TX system, the first of its kind. Kongsberg SIS is being utilised for data acquisition, with post-processing performed using Caris HIPS and Fledermaus.

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