Statoil Statfjord Riser and Troll Flowline Replacement Project


Sub-contracted through MMT AB to provide Reach Subsea with a Senior Data Processor onboard the MV Havila Subsea for the Statoil Statfjord C WI Riser and Troll B Flowline replacement projects. The Reach Subsea workscope involves supporting dredging operations using the Scanmudring Scanmachine, in preparation for the cutting and replacement of damaged flowlines. Extremely high-resolution (10cm) bathymetry surveys are being conducted using an ROV mounted R2Sonic dual 2024 system throughout operations to monitor progress. The EIVA software suite is being used for data acquisition and processing, with the ROVINS positioning data post-processed using iXSea’s Delph INS software to improve accuracy. NaviModel is being used for cleaning, surface generation, data visualization and product generation.

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