4D Ocean Linne Crowlin and Loch Carron Survey

Contracted by 4D Ocean to provide a senior surveyor for ASV operations on the MCA Linne Crowline and Loch Carron Survey. On the north west coast of Scotland, this survey project is part of the ongoing Civil Hydrography Programme, Lot2, executed by MeriTaito. Whilst SV Kaiku is being utilised for deeper water, 4D Ocean have been sub-contracted to perform ASV surveys in the shallower regions, up to the 2m contour. 4D Ocean’s ASV Harry, a SeaRobotics 2.5m unmanned surface vehicle with an integrated Applanix POS MV and R2Sonic 2020 multibeam echosounder is being predominantly used, assisted by an XOCEAN XO-450 4.5m USV, equipped with a Norbit iWBMS multibeam echosounder. Transported by road trailers, these systems allow rapid access to remote or inaccessible locations. QINSy is being utilised for data acquisition, with post-processing performed using Qimera. Upon completion a Report of Survey will be submitted to the UKHO along with the processed data to enable Admiralty Chart revisions.

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